Park Policies

In an attempt to avoid confusion and disappointment upon arrival, please be advised. If you are attempting to book a multiple night stay and it is not available, and you book a series of individual reservations, with seperate confirmation numbers, your multiple reservations will not be in the same site. You will be required to check out at 11 am on your individual departure dates and will not be allowed to check in to your next reservation until 1PM. Your  Multiple individual reservations cannot be combined into one site. We are sorry, there are no exceptions.

Pet Policy
We are a pet friendly RV Park and to continue allowing pets we enforce a strict pet policy. Please always have your pet on a leash and pick up after them (even in the National Forest). We have pet waste bags available throughout our Park by the Pet Walk signs. If your dog is an excessive barker please do not leave them unattended. If your dog disturbs or threatens another guest or employee of the RV Park, the dog will be asked to leave. We do allow pets inside our Cabins. We will provide you with an extra sheet to cover the furniture, as dog hair is very difficult to remove from the upholstery. Under no circumstances may the dog be left in the Cabin unattended. We ask that no more than 2 dogs at any one time be allowed inside the Cabins. The owner is responsible for any damage caused by the dog. These are basic requests of a responsible Pet owner and a well-behaved dog. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Cancellation Policy
RV Sites: Cancellation notice must be given by 11:00 am one (1) day prior to scheduled arrival date. There is a $10.00 processing fee per reservation for all cancellations. A one night fee equal to your confirmed site rate will be charged without proper cancellation notice.
Cabins: Cancellation notice must be given by 11:00 am fourteen (14) days prior to scheduled arrival date. There is a $10.00 processing fee per reservation for all cancellations. You will be charged the entire amount due of your reservation without proper cancellation notice.

No Show
If you fail to arrive on your scheduled reservation date you will have until 10:00 am the following day to notify us of your intentions or your entire reservation will be cancelled. Your deposit will be forfeited and our 24 hour cancellation policy will apply to the canceled portion of you reservation.

Refund Policy
If you need to shorten your stay, refunds will ONLY be given if we are notified by 11:00 am the day before your NEW departure date. No refunds on Cabins. No exceptions please.

Reservation Changes
All reservation changes are subject to our availability. There is no charge to make the first reservation change, each subsequent change will result in a $20.00 reservation change fee.

WIFI (wireless internet access)
Our WIFI service is available throughout our RV Park and our Main Building is a WIFI hot spot.  However, we cannot guarantee WIFI reception at any Site or Cabin. 

Park Rules
  • Checkout time is 11:00 am. No exceptions please.
  • Check-in time is 1:00 pm. No early arrivals please.
  • Check-in time for Cabins is 2:00 pm.
  • Unscheduled extensions to your stay will probably require a site change and will be subject to availability.
  • RV Park hours, along with emergency phone numbers, are posted at the Main Building. Restrooms and showers will be closed for cleaning daily.
  • No open wood fires are permitted. You may use contained Propane fires or charcoal.
  • Please park only in your assigned site.
  • Be cautious in freezing temperatures. All surfaces could be icy. You are responsible for preventing our faucets from freezing by disconnecting your water hose each night.
  • No on street parking or parking on the grass or patios. Please use overflow parking for extra vehicles. Your RV and vehicle have to be parked all in a straight line on the hard packed gravel of the RV site. Please do not park across the front of the RV site as you’ll break our sprinklers.
  • WIFI – Complimentary WIFI access is provided. Wi-Fi speed is impacted by usage which is high between 5:00 PM and 12:00 PM. We do not guarantee Wi-Fi access at every site. Our main building is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Our system is designed to support email, messaging, and similar communication activities. Each Premium site will be provided with 6 access codes. All other sites/ cabins will receive 2.
  • Sewer hose outlet elbow is required. (Available for purchase in the RV Park Store.)
  • No tent camping allowed.
  • For safety reasons, we do not allow clotheslines or hammocks in our park. Do not hang anything in our trees.
  • Four laundry rooms are available for washing and drying clothes.
  • You are visiting bear country. Please keep all food and coolers inside. BBQ grills should be stored inside when not in use. Protective mats are available for grill use on our plastic tables.
  • Quiet, well behaved pets only. For the protection of your pets, keep them on a leash. Use the pet walk areas as shown and please pick up after your pet. Never leave barking dogs unattended.
  • For the safety of younger guests, we ask that parents accompany children under 12 using the facilities. Children should use extreme caution when crossing or playing near any internal RV Park roads.
  • For the convenience of all our campers, we have established quiet hours from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. No running of generators or gas power washers at any time. Please respect your neighbors and don’t walk across their site.
  • No refunds can be issued without the proper 24-hour notice to be fair and consistent with all our Guests (by 11:00 am the day before your new departure date). Sadly, even in cases of an emergency, we cannot issue refunds unless proper notice occurs. No exceptions please. No refunds on Cabins without 14 days notice.
  • To maintain our landscaping, the sprinklers come on between midnight and 6:00 am for 30 minutes on each site, each night. Please set your personal property inside to keep it dry.
  • Due to maintenance and other extenuating circumstances we cannot guarantee any specific site or site type.
  • To respect the privacy of all our Guests, please no flying of Drones inside RV Park.
  • Finally, our most important rule is: enjoy your stay in West Yellowstone and do come back and stay with us again soon.